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    I thought of how me ment that sentence. Did he like me or was he just concerned about me? I need to know because I am in love with him, and have been for a very long time. Peeta was giving me what I thought was mixed signals for years, but I dont know how to interpret him. I need to ask him but now is not the right time to ask him. I need to focus on winning these games because I can tell him how I feel after we run away into an unknown district.

    I hope we run into katniss later on, is all I'm thinking of at this point. I am her cousin but if I had to choose at this point I would choose my life over hers. We all slide down the system of tunnels when we come to an intersection with three ways to choose from, and I ask peeta if he know which way to go. I dont know why I asked him because he has photographic memory but I'm the only one who knew that at this point. That's when peeta stops us all in our tracks and says "I love you Carter!"

    That's it I thought to myself. That's why he came and saw me instead of his cousin Kendal, but if he loved me the whole time why did he play with katniss's feelings. I'm not sure why he was doing that but I'm not going to question his love for me. I lean in and give him a kiss kn the cheek and he smiles.

    I tell peeta if we make it out of the tunnels alive I will give him a present. He then tells us to go right down the vented path. Kendal asked how peeta knows this and peeta looks at him and says "if you want to die go another way."

    I followed peeta along with Megan, but Kendal went to the left but as soon as he set foot in that tunnel we heard a faint scream and the first cannon of the 77th Hunger Games. I was sad that Logan died but that ment that katniss was still alive. We keep following the middle tunnel when we find water under our knees. Before long the water got faster and colder. The water in the tunnels lead out into a small lake where we see the cornucopia.

    It looked like when we got there all of the other teams haven't figured out how to navigate through the tunnels. I tell everyone to stay so I could her weapons for us, but Megan told me that I shouldn't go. I eneded up going anyways, and that's when we saw katniss.

    I looked if she had any damage on her and it looked like she didn't. I swam over to her and the look on her eyes was something I will never forget. The look of pure terror. I know this look it was the look peeta had when he got high-jacked by the tracked hackers from the capital. Katniaa proceeds to pull something out of her pocket and throw it in my eyes and it temporarily blinds me but before I hit the ground I hit her and It knocks her out.

    The next thing I remember is peeta picking me up and I hear a secound cannon of the 77th Hunger games.  It was katniss peeta must have killed her. It was better him than me. I gave Peeta a kiss on the lips and a thankyou. Peeta then says "we need an aliance with another team but which one?"

    I agree with him but hes right which one. I think for a secound and me and peeta bot say at the same time "how about the team with Anastasia and Steven?" We look at Megan and shes froze with fear in her eyes and we turn around and see Steven with a knife ready to Slit her throat and before I can say the offer blood splatters everywhere and I feel hopeless. That is the third person from my team that has died and I cant bring them back or can I? If I can find Anastasia she can heal them.
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June 26, 2013
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